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I make beats. No specific genre. I prefer not to specialize in one certain area. I like to work in many different genres. Rap, hip hop, little bit of tech, etc.. all in a fusion.

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To all my listeners and fans, my family needs your love and support! If you could take a moment from your busy schedule to read and hear our story I would really appreciate it! (I apologize for any bad grammar, bare with me.)

"My Father Soua and Chia who are from Laos, were sponsored to the USA back in 1977.  Both my parents were orphans.  Became somewhat slaves to our otherside of the family.  I dont want to get too much into that detail.  But just know that they both also had it very very hard.  
After coming to America, both my parents were taught how things are here. They Learned just enough english to be able to send my oldest sister to school etc.  My father ended up working at the chruch who sponsered my parents to America, as a Janitor. He was a Grunt soldier hired by the US Army to help locate and inflitrate the Viet Kong. 
My Father has always been a very kind hearted person.  Anyone who asked for help, he would help as best as he could giving more than what he could and still being able to support his 7 children on a $3.25 an hour wage. He believed that even though we arent blessed with heroes to save the day, doesn't mean we cant become heroes.  And that is how my siblings and I were taught.  
Years after, we moved to Northern Michigan, where my Father got into working in restaurant with family members.  For over 20 years he worked for the whole family, at eligible working age, my father told my older brother and I to learn how to work in a restaurant, for one day he hoped to open one.  It was his dream and still is his dream.  
We have turned to those my Father helped before, in time of need.  Only to be turned down or criticized that we are a poor family and wouldnt be able to pay back any money.  Which I remember as a child how broken my father felt.  But even though when help was needed, my father would still help them in anyway.
After about 10 years of both my parents working in the auto industry, when (9/11) hit, my parents lost their jobs and their first home was foreclosed.  My mother hit depression state.  About 5 years ago my mother ended up having multiple strokes that led her to not be able to speak, her whole right side paralized.  We all as a family have been more close than ever and stay together.
My father also has health conditons, 3 years ago after taking my father to see a Doctor, we find out that the reason for him not being able to bend and put his own socks on, was because of "Bone Degeneration" in his lower back.  But he loves being independent, loves gardening still, loves working with wood and making things like tables or little chairs.
My Father decided to retire in May 2015.  With all the money, between my siblings and I which considers of 3 girls and 4 boys, we all gathered what ever money we had, to start this restaurant that my father has always wanted to open.  Which is Chinese, Thai and Sushi food.
We have not had the best of luck.  No one to give us advice.  No one to help tell us where we need to start first.  As a result, we are short of money.  We are so close to making this happen for my father.  As any parents wish for their children, my father has said to me, "I want to know that you all will be stable and see it for myself before your mother and i leave u all! So that we may rest in peace!" 
I now ask anyone who can help, help us make this 20 plus year old dream come true for my father.  I skipped out and left a lot of detail of all that was said and all that has happend while my father himself tried to make his own dream come true.  But if anyone is interested i would love to tell more. But for now please help share and help in anyway you can please.  
We are also selling our personal items that could have any value online to help make my fathers dream come true. Any help would be greatly appreciated."


"Cick here   http://www.gofundme.com/9fjmgkb4 "



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